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Smelly Carpets Could Mean Your Need More Than A Carpet Cleaning

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

ou know how some places just smell musty and old? Like they haven't been cleaned in a while? What if you enter your home one day and notice that smell? Could it be your carpets went bad in a day, because that smell wasn't there yesterday? That's probably not the case. If you had a leak or water flood in on your carpets, you may have moldy carpets.


One of the most important things about water damage is to treat it quickly. Whether you had water damage due to leaky pipes, or something more serious, if the water damage reached your carpets and was not treated professionally, you still have damage happening right beneath your feet. Mold is growing in your carpets, and you need to take care of it. ASAP.

Mold takes 24 to 48 hours to grow in the right environment and conditions. Your home offers a constant food supply to the mold spores. Mold spores feed on wood, drywall, insulation, paper and anything it can get attached on. After a day or more, the mold starts colonizing, creating those big black stains we all know from photos (or from our home, if luck wasn't on our side).


In most cases, mold will be discovered after it colonizes, and by then its growth is pretty rapid. If you suspect you have mold, you should call a mold expert to check it out. Whether it's a water damage certified technician, a home inspector or mold testing company. The mold usually grows where water damage hit, or where high humidity is found. If water leaked on your carpet - that's where the mold will start growing.

To protect your carpets from mold after they're flooded by water, you should follow the steps below. If it already happened, and you missed one of the steps, you should check your carpets for dark stains or moldy smell. You don't want mold growing under your carpets, in your floors and all around your home.


  • Stop the water source - first thing first. Stop the water from flowing in and get them out of your home. If it's a leaky pipe or a broken appliance, close the water main. If it's the roof, try and see if you can get a roofing company to come for an emergency service and close the gap. Once you've stopped the water from coming, you need to get it out.
  • Extract the water - to prevent further damage and minimize long term effects, it's important to get the water out. If it's a small amount, you can blot it out or use a mop to absorb it (if on the floor and not carpets). If it's a large amount, call SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County  to help you with it.
  • Dry it up. Fast! - If you need some help with drying your home, we'd be glad to help as well. Call us and let us know what you need. It's important to have the property dried as fast as you can to avoid mold growth, as well as the water being absorbed in carpets, floors, rugs or other items. 
  • Steam clean everything you can - carpets, rugs, flooring, furniture - if it had water get to it you want it professionally cleaned right now, before the mold gets comfortable and colonizes. Call us to set up an appointment today. Once the mold sets in, that item is probably lost and will need to be replaced.
  • Sanitize the affected area - Use water and soap, and also use a solution of chlorine and water (read instructions, and use protective gear, please, for your own safety). This is part of our restoration process. 

We'll Make Sure The Mold Is Gone

If you still feel like your cleanup wasn't enough, or you feel there is mold hiding somewhere - contact us at SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County. We'd be more than happy to pay you a visit and provide a professional opinion on the matter.

Remember, it's very dangerous to have mold in your home  Get your mold remediated as soon as you can. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby can help you through this process as well. Our techs are professionally trained in Mold Remediation. 

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County 502.241.6861

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