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The Top Reasons Why You Should Never Handle Mold On Your Home

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

The Reasons Why You Should Never Tackle Mold on Your Own

There are many reasons why taking care of mold on your own can be a bad idea. The first reason for this is that when you try and eliminate mold on your own, it is possible that you may not adequately remove all of the mold. Another reason for this is that it’s very difficult for an amateur to control all of the environmental conditions that promote mold growth on their own. Finally, the mold may grow because of improper maintenance of your household appliances. However, with some information, you can now how to tackle mold instead.

The cleaners used weren’t effective:

When it comes to the kind of cleaners that are recommended by usual DIYs, not all of them are effective against mold growth. The most commonly recommended cleaner is chlorine, which as it turns out, is not going to do much to destroy the mold growth on its own. This is because mold itself is a fungus and has deep-seated roots. These roots can go very deep and embed the roots inside porous surfaces. The chlorine itself can only take care of the mold growing on the surface of the material, but the roots will stay alive and grow again.

The thing with Chlorine is that it doesn’t seep inside materials in the way that most cleaners can do. So chlorine will only destroy the mold growth on the surface, but the mold growth underneath will still thrive. When it comes to a solution of bleach and water, the cleaner isn’t as effective because the bleach itself can evaporate. This would leave the water behind, meaning that the mold will have access to more water that will allow it to grow.

The environmental conditions can’t be controlled:

Mold doesn’t just grow rapidly, it also sends off spores through the home to help it move from room to room. These spores are tiny and can get everywhere inside your home, such as your furniture, walls, pets, and even you and your family. If the levels of this get very high, the mold can be dangerous to everyone exposed to the spores. 

There are certain environmental conditions you can control, such as the level of humidity inside the home. This should be kept in a minimum and that can be done using equipment such as a dehumidifier to reduce the levels of moisture in the air. You can also reduce the mold growth levels by reducing the temperature to slow down their rate of growth. So, based on all of that, the best way to reduce mold growth is to keep the environment at reduced humidity and temperature. 

The appliances weren’t maintained:

You can do things later when it comes to cleaning up the mold, but when you’re dealing with prevention, you will need to maintain the appliances inside the home. This means having them regularly checked and making sure that there were no leaks that need fixing.

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