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Fire Prevention- Gas Furnace tips

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

A gas furnace provides comfort when homeowners need it most, however heat can quickly turn into havoc when a furnace breaks down. While many people worry about losing heat in the event of a furnace malfunction, there are other risks to consider such as a fire or carbon monoxide leak. It’s crucial to take safety precautions to prevent these issues and to truly feel comfortable with the furnace in your home.

Despite the risks, proper maintenance ensures that a gas furnace will work properly even when outdoor temperatures plummet. If you haven’t checked on the status of your furnace in  some time, late winter is a great time to do some inspecting. You can prepare yourself for late season cold snaps and go into spring knowing your furnace is in good condition. Read on to see our top five gas furnace safety tips that will make your gas furnace safer.


As a general rule, the minimum clear space around a furnace should be about two feet, and more for anything flammable. This includes lint, dust, papers, clothes, paint, rags and much more. You can clear lint and dust with a vacuum cleaner — doing so once a month will help prevent dangerous buildup. Additionally, look for flammable liquids in the same room as your furnace and ensure that they are sealed in an airtight container to prevent accidental ignition. Furnace fire safety starts with a watchful eye, so always look for the hidden dangers that could be sitting right next to your furnace.


It’s easy to ignore the need to change your furnace filters, but also dangerous. Not only does a furnace have to work harder to push air through a dirty filter (increasing energy costs) but it also reduces the quality of air in your home. To avoid breathing in dust particles on a daily basis, be certain to change your furnace’s filter every 1 to 3 months. During the winter months, you may want to increase this frequency to avoid the risk of a breakdown that could leave your home feeling frigid.


Heat is a great thing during winter — except when it’s the result of a furnace fire. To protect your family from the risks of a fire, ensure that a smoke detector is present in the same room as your furnace and replace its batteries on a yearly basis. In the same vein, a malfunctioning furnace can release dangerous carbon monoxide into the air, so it’s crucial to have a fully-charged detector nearby. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, so never rely on your sense of smell to detect problems near the furnace.


When winter weather moves in snow piles up, this can cause your gas furnace to shut down. That’s because the snow can obstruct two of the most important components of your home comfort system — the exterior air intake and exhaust from a natural gas furnace. The only way to keep air flowing smoothly throughout your home is to complete a visual inspection of these areas after a significant snowfall to look for any blockages. Clearing out these areas when your furnace stalls will lead to less strain on the system and a longer service life.


It’s more cost-effective to take a proactive approach to furnace maintenance than a reactive one. When something goes wrong and a furnace breaks down, a repair or replacement isn’t a choice — it’s a costly necessity. What’s more, annual furnace maintenance ensures that your heating runs as efficiently as possible, saving you even more money in the long run. Nobody expects to have furnace issues, but without maintenance, the risks of experiencing problems are much higher. 


Even if you’ve never experienced gas furnace issues in the past, it only takes one to change the way you think about furnace safety. Don’t learn the hard way — understand that a gas furnace is a mechanical device that can break and cause real harm without the right precautions.

Fire damage in your home due to malfunctioning furnace? Contact the professionals here at SERVPRO today to speak to a Remediation Specialist. 502.241.6861

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Fire Safety Tips for Halloween

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Halloween Fires

For Halloween in particular, decorations usually consist of candles as well as dried cornstalks and hay bales, costumes with trailing fabric, and other paper decorations that can easily catch fire if they come into contact with the flame from a candle or jack-o’-lantern.  Many of the fires recorded by the National Fire Protection Association during these years were caused by flammable decorations that were too close to a candle or another heat source.

Halloween Fire Safety Tips

While these statistics may be frightening, they should not discourage you from celebrating Halloween with your favorite costumes and decorations.  Like most causes of house fires, many of the holiday decoration related fires are easily prevented.  The following fire safety tips will help you prevent fires from decorations so that you and your family can have a festive and enjoyable Halloween.

  • Make sure all potentially flammable decorations are far away from open flames, fireplaces or candles as well as other heat sources such as space heaters and light bulbs. Every exit in your home should be clear in case a fire does occur.
  • Using a battery operated candle or glow stick for jack-o’-lanterns is a safe alternative but if you choose to use real candles, light them carefully with long fireplace matches or a utility lighter to avoid tipping the pumpkin. If there are children present around lit candles, they should be closely supervised.  Jack-o’-lanterns with real candles should be away from other potentially flammable materials and away from walkways used by trick-or-treaters.
  • Avoid using candles or torch lights to decorate your yard or sidewalk and instead use flashlights. Decorations with an open flame can be hazardous as trick-or-treaters may brush against the flame with their costumes.
  • Try and avoid costumes that include long trailing or billowing fabric. If your child’s costume includes a mask, cut the eye holes big enough so that your child can see where he is walking to avoid falls or brushing against a candle or open flame.
  • Make sure your children understand the fire risks of candles and open flames and that they must avoid contact with these objects. It is a good idea to give them flashlights or glow sticks to use for lighting as they are trick-or-treating.

Halloween is a popular, festive holiday with many time honored traditions but the most common Halloween decorations have the potential to cause house fires.  With these simple fire safety tips, you can help prevent fires caused by Halloween decorations for a safe holiday.

If your home is damaged by fire due to a mishap with your Halloween decorations, make sure that everyone around is safe to begin with. Contact the professionals here at SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County today to speak with a Mitigation specialists. 502.241.6861

Tips for Fireplace Safety

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

Tips for Fireplace Safety

Fall is approaching and the time when a crackling fire in your fireplace sounds like the perfect cozy addition to a chilly day. But before you spark some kindling and throw on another log, it is important you make sure your fireplace is in working order. 

Familiarize yourself with the following fireplace safety and maintenance tips so you can relax and enjoy your fireplace throughout the rest of the cold season:

Sweep your chimney

Ideally, you should to sweep your chimney of soot and debris every year before winter arrives. Fortunately, you can easily hire a trained professional to do it for you. 

Don’t skip the chimney cap

Chimney caps are made from wire mesh and fit over the top of the chimney. The function of the chimney cap is to keep out rain, birds, other small animals, and debris. If you don’t have one, get one. And if your chimney cap is damaged, replace or repair it.

Look for damage and deterioration

Noticing loose bricks or mortar, or cracks in the chimney structures, means that your chimney needs some attention and should be repaired immediately. Your chimney sweep can also help with finding any areas that need to be repaired.

Build your fire correctly

Place the wood you’ll be burning at the back of the fireplace and use kindling, not flammable liquid to get the fire going.

Burn the proper wood

Hardwoods that are dense and properly dried, such as oak, are the way to go. More dangerous woods to burn are green or resinous softwoods, such as pine, as they produce more creosote, which is a flammable by-product that will build up inside the chimney.

No bonfires please

Roaring, overloaded fires are far more dangerous, as the intense heat can crack the chimney. A large fire also produces more smoke, which produces more flammable creosote. So please, keep your fire on the small side.

Maintain the ash level

You don’t actually have to remove all of the ash out of your fireplace before building another, but if it is deeper than an inch, you should take some out. Leaving about an inch of ash helps to build a new fire and protects the firebox floor. Also, make sure that the ash isn’t touching the fire grate, as the heat can burn the grate out. You can remove all of the ash at the end of the winter.

Use a spark guard or grate

Prevent sparks from leaping out of the fire and into your home with a spark guard. These can be made from mesh, glass, screens, or ceramic. And as with any ‘appliance’ that generates heat or flame, if you leave the room for a time, it’s especially important to guard the fire.

If the worst happens, and you experience fire or smoke damage this winter, let SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County help you get back to normal. To be the most proactive, you can always schedule an inspection to find any potential problems before they create larger ones.

Call SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County today to speak to a Mitigation specialist. 502.241.6861

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The Fire Damage Restoration Process

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

House fires are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Just the thought of all your belongings going up in flames is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, as is the idea of loved ones getting hurt.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent house fires, such as not leaving candles unattended and remembering to unplug the coffee pot when you leave the house. Oftentimes, house fires are due to preventable accidents, though they still happen on occasion.

If a fire has devastated your home, there are certain precautions to take in regards to fire restoration. The structure will need to be deemed safe for re-entry prior to you returning to fetch your belongings, and you’ll need to arrange for a local fire restoration company to clean and restore your home. That’s where we come in — our fire and smoke damage restoration experts have years of experience bringing homes back to life after a fire, and we are available 24/7 to answer your call. Contact SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County, or continue reading to learn what to expect from the fire damage restoration process.

Securing The Premises

When you call our fire damage restoration team, the first thing we’ll do is secure your property to prevent theft and vandalism during the remediation process. We’ll provide temporary locks, and board up your doors and windows to ensure that your home and belongings will not be tampered with. If you have valuables and other salvageable items in the house, we’ll obtain them for you when we enter the property to assess the damage.

Assessing The Damage

Once we have deemed the structure safe for re-entry, we’ll provide a thorough inspection to determine the scope of your losses and document the damage. This includes both fire and smoke damage, which can wreak havoc on your belongings weeks after the incident if it isn’t taken care of immediately. Damage from water and mold growth are also common in the event of a house fire, as the fire department will have doused your home when putting out the fire. That being said, we’ll make a note of all fire, smoke, water, and mold damage so you can file a homeowners insurance claim and get the compensation you deserve. Then, we’ll get to work.

Containing The Damage

As previously mentioned, fire and smoke damage can continue to degrade your property long after the incident if your home and belongings are not immediately restored. This is what we call “secondary damage,” and it involves the spread of contamination to areas otherwise unaffected.

During the containment phase, our restoration experts will remove contents from your home, taking inventory of what is salvageable and what isn’t. Then, we’ll begin drying out your home and remove fire debris, such as ashes, soot, and rubble.

Preserving Your Belongings

So, what about your belongings that are salvageable, but still covered in soot? Our restoration experts can clean and repair these items in our warehouse, which is located at a safe-offsite property. Part of what sets our restoration company apart from others in the area is that we go the extra mile for our customers, taking care to bring their belongings back to life after a fire has devastated their home. We’ve done it all, from repairing furniture and family heirlooms to cleaning up electronics, filing cabinets, and more.

Drying Out The House

Often, people forget about water damage and mold growth when it comes to house fires, and they think they’ll be ready to move back in as soon as the soot has been cleared out. At SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County, we offer fire and water restoration services for homeowners who have recently been the victim of a house fire, and we follow industry protocols for drying out properties after a fire has been put out.

Unfortunately, most things that are wet will need to be disposed of, including baseboard, carpet, padding, insulation, and drywall. Our goal is to prevent secondary damage to your home, which means eliminating anything that could foster the growth of mold and bacteria. Then, we can dry out the remainder of the house.

Removing Soot And Smoke

It is very likely that your house will be covered in ash, soot, and rubble after a fire, and your walls and ceiling will also suffer smoke damage. When the risk of mold damage has been mitigated, our restoration experts can get to work on removing the fire debris and smoke stains. Cleaning up home fire damage is critical to the health of you and your loved ones, as these contaminants can be hazardous. To prevent these contaminants from posing a threat, we do a thorough cleaning with specialized ire restoration equipment.

Removing Odors

The last step in our fire restoration process is removing any odors that are lingering after the soot, smoke, water, and mold has been extracted from your home. Often, house fires will leave an unpleasant smokey smell behind, which serves as a constant reminder that you once lost many belongings in a house fire. To prevent this, and secondary smoke damage, our restoration experts use a range of specialized odor elimination products and equipment to restore a pleasant smell to your home.

Contact Our Fire Restoration Company

Now that you know what to expect from the fire restoration process, it’s time to get in touch with your trusted restoration experts. Call SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County today to speak to a Mitigation specialist today. 502.241.6861

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County also proudly serves Spencer, Henry and Trimble Counties. 

Why you need a professional Fire Restoration Company

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Was your home recently damaged in a fire? You may be searching for DIY fire restoration tips to save a little money in the recovery process, however the simple fact is this: fire and smoke damage restoration is not a job for amateurs. Here are four reasons why trying to clean up the mess yourself could be problematic.

You Might be Exposed to Hidden Health Hazards

Unfortunately, the dangers of a fire don’t end once the flames go out. The smoke and soot left behind are more than just dirty little reminders of the disaster that took place. Exposure to fire-damaged objects and lingering residue could be hazardous.

Soot forms after a fire because plastic, foam, textiles, wood, and other household materials doesn't burn cleanly. The soot then contains toxic materials that either didn’t burn completely or were produced as a chemical reaction in the fire’s high heat.

Invisible soot particles floating through the air may contain asbestos fibers, ammonia, tar, formaldehyde, and much more. 

Exposure to soot in a fire-damaged home is obviously at its highest during the cleanup process. However, unless thorough, adequate cleaning is performed, the effects of smoke could linger for years. This is why you should leave fire restoration to professionals who can employ deep-cleaning techniques to truly restore your home to its pre-fire condition.

You Need Special Equipment

A bottle of degreaser and a dust mask are not nearly enough to adequately clean up fire and smoke damage. After all, you can’t simply wipe soot away. You must deep clean all surfaces to eliminate lingering health threats and remove residual odors. Professional tools – not to mention knowledge of proper cleaning techniques – are at the heart of a thorough, safe fire restoration.

Also, be aware that laundering smoke-damaged clothing in your washer could deepen the damage and leave undesired odors in the washing machine. You must pursue special dry-cleaning techniques if you hope to salvage clothing damaged in a fire.

You Could Mistakenly Throw Away Salvageable Goods

It’s easy for the untrained eye to sift through damaged belongings and deem many of them a lost cause. However, with advanced recovery techniques, a fire restoration contractor can help minimize your loss. Then, for contaminated items that truly are unrecoverable, proper disposal prevents unnecessary hazards.

The Recovery Process Could Take Much Longer

Restoring your home back to its pre-fire condition is not a straightforward task. You have belongings to salvage, cleanup to do, and the home’s structure to repair. Then, there are the insurance claims to minimize the fire’s financial impact. The entire process is a headache to attempt yourself.

In fact, your efforts to save money with DIY fire restoration could easily backfire if you throw out salvageable belongings and don’t complete insurance claims correctly. The time it takes to perform the cleanup without help could also be detrimental. Relying on a fire restoration contractor who’s familiar with every aspect of the disaster recovery process is a much better option.

Schedule Professional Fire Restoration Services

The team at SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby is here to deliver affordable, convenient fire and smoke damage restoration services. We make the recovery process as quick and painless as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our fire restoration services. 502.241.6861

Tips for Preventing Storm Damage

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Storms are unpredictable and tend to target neighborhoods rather than entire counties. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the path, your business is vulnerable to fallen trees, hail damage, fire from lightning, wind damage, losing all or part of your roof, flooding, and power outage. Minutes later, the storm passes, and you are shocked by the extent of the damage.

Why is Storm Damage Preparedness Important? 

As a business owner or facility manager, you’ll need to prepare and react to keep people working safely and stay productive. Here are 4 summer storm damage prevention tips to help your business survive the sudden summer storm and reduce downtime from storm damage commercial property loss.

 #1 Preventative Maintenance 

It’s easy to let maintenance items slip as the seasons quickly change from spring to summer. Be prudent and proactive by scheduling an exterior building inspection on your calendar. Here’s a simple checklist to get you started.

  • Check the condition of the paint and walls.

  • Check for broken windows and doors.

  • Check the condition of all railings.

  • Check for plants growing on the building or its foundation.

  • Clean the roof. Use care when working in high places; employ adequate fall protection.

  • Clean roof drains and gutters. Test drains and downspouts by flushing them with water.

  • Inspect the condition of the roof.

  • Inspect gutters for adequate anchoring and tighten, if necessary.

  • Inspect the stack and all roof penetrations.

  • Remove any plant life growing on the roof.

  • Clean up any debris found.

#2 Update Your Commercial Storm Damage Insurance Coverage 

It’s devastating to discover that your commercial insurance policy doesn’t have adequate commercial storm damage coverage after a property loss. Along with your preventative maintenance and inspection, schedule an annual policy review with your insurance agent. Be sure to discuss coverage and exclusions and be certain that you understand them. This step removes the disappointment and unhappy surprise from a non-covered loss.

#3 Photograph and Document the Condition of Your Commercial Property

A photographic inventory of your business equipment, interior, and exterior of the business property is a tremendous help when navigating a commercial storm damage insurance claim. Your timestamped photographs accelerate the process when working with your insurance adjuster after storm damage has occurred and provides proof of adequate maintenance of the commercial property.

#4 Initiate Emergency Response Planning with SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County

It’s vital to the health of your business to have an emergency plan in place and to update it annually. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County has a Emergency Response Plan (ERP) program that ensures you and your employees know how to prepare and react to  storm commercial property damage. Should you need water damage mitigation, fire damage restoration, or emergency repairs as a result of commercial storm damage, your ERP with SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County will give you peace of mind that you have a strategic partner at the ready to respond to your need 24/7/365. Ask a Marketing Representative to schedule your ERP appointment today. 

Don't let storm damage be disastrous to your commercial property. You worked hard to build your company and deserve the most efficient and experienced response. For the best storm damage restoration from fire, water, or wind damage, call SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County today. 502.241.6861

Storms and Water Damage

8/28/2019 (Permalink)


You'd think that having a home flooded was enough, however it isn't. Water damage goes far beyond the time that the water is flowing. Rain damage has a long term effect on a home if not properly  treated, professionally and quickly. The water damage you see right after the rain (or even during) is only the beginning.

Within hours, your home will absorb some of the water. Water damaged carpets, floors, walls, drywall, stairs, furniture and any electricity wires or electrical appliances standing in the water's way.

If left untreated for more than a day, things get even worse. What was once only water damage, requiring water extraction and some fixing, now becomes an even larger problem. Mold will start growing thanks to humidity and supporting conditions. The wetness spreads deeper in to the places it can, causing mold growth in those hidden places as well. Standing water becomes stagnant water, now acting as a health hazard for all residents.


If your home has been affected by rain damage, the roof leaked or your basement was flooded, not all is lost. Although the results of water damage can be really bad, you can reverse the effects in no time if you just handle it fast enough. The sooner you get restoration professionals to help you get rid of the water and other water damage results, the better off you will be.

If you just found you have water damage, give us a call. We'll be there by the end of the day, assisting you with water damage restoration - we'll extract the water, assess the situation, and repair everything that needs to be.  

Above all else, we'll make sure you feel safe and sound. We're experienced in numerous types of water damage, we have professional technicians with vast knowledge, the best equipment the industry has to offer. When we take care of your home, you'll know you're in good hands.

Call SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby today to speak to a Mitigation specialist. 502.241.6861

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Steps to Take During and After A Commercial Fire

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

What to Do During and After a Commercial Fire:

Preparing for a home fire is a wise  investment, however how many of us prepare for a fire at work?

Below, the fire damage experts from SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County explain what to do during and after a commercial fire.

Safety Steps for Employers & Employees

Contrary to popular belief, fire alarm and a fire sprinkler system are not directly connected. This means that when the fire alarm goes off, the sprinkler system will not necessarily activate at the same time. Moreover, some buildings simply don’t have a fire sprinkler system.

The fire alarm is your primary warning to evacuate the building.

Don’t assume that because the sprinklers aren’t activated that no fire exists. Because commercial buildings lack the compartmented features of a house, the fire has the potential to grow much larger, much faster.

Once the alarm sounds, help inform others that may not hear the alarm. If you’re not working on the ground floor, do not attempt to use an elevator.

Look for the closest stairwell exit. Hold your hand to the door knob (don’t touch it), to check for heat.

If the doorknob feels warm, there may be fire on the other side. If possible, find another exit.

Once outside, do not attempt to go back inside the building. If someone is missing, wait for emergency responders to arrive.

Some commercial fire alarm systems will contact emergency services automatically. Once it’s safe to do so, call 9-1-1 to ensure that help is on the way. Inform first responders of anyone who might still be inside.

How to Handle Fire Cleanup

Burned or damaged buildings are vulnerable to break-ins and other offenses. Once the building has been cleared for re-entry, it’s critical that anything valuable is removed. This includes the personal belongings of employees as well as expensive business property.

Once the valuables have been removed, damaged and destroyed property must be carefully documented. You’ll also need to contact your insurance company.

Business owners who want to be sure they’re getting the most out of their insurance policy trust SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County to document and negotiate with the insurance companies.

In addition, SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County can repair damage, clean, and sanitize a fire-damaged work space as well as restore it to like-new condition—this includes expensive property contents like furniture, electronics, paper documents and more.

Avoid the impulse to clean up the property before a thorough investigation has been completed. Insurance companies will want documentation of everything in your claim. If you clean up evidence, you could lose money in the claims process.

Stay Informed; Be Prepared

Every minute counts when it comes to your business. One of the best ways to avoid further damage after a commercial fire is to stay informed and be prepared.

In addition to coordinating a fire safety plan with employees, knowing who to call and when can save you time and money on commercial cleaning and restoration.

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County is available 24 hours day, 7 days a week . We’ll be there when you need us, so you can get back to work faster after an unexpected disaster.

Call us today to speak to a Mitigation Specialist. 502.232.5213

Things to Look for In A Emergency Restoration Company

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

When your commercial property suffers damage due to disaster, it’s vital to initiate comprehensive disaster management services to get your business back in working order as fast as possible.

Fires, floods, and severe storms can seriously damage your commercial property. Following a disaster, prompt professional restoration services can reduce the compounding problems that are sure to arise when moisture isn’t dealt with fast.

  • Fire incidents—produce soot and damage due to smoke as well as moisture from firefighting
  • Storms and floods—leave behind moisture and can create mold infestation

Here are some things to look for in a commercial emergency restoration management program:

1. 24-Hour Emergency Response Team

Time is a factor when prompt emergency response is needed. The sooner your commercial property’s restoration begins, the better. Look for a company accessible to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Rapid response and mobilization of restoration services help you get back to business even after disaster strikes. Faster restoration services lead to decreased impact on your property.

2. Comprehensive Services

Disaster remediation has several types of services necessary to restore commercial properties. Here are some vital ingredients to look for when it comes to disaster remediation:

  • Remediation of the disaster incident
  • Debris and residue clean up
  • Decontamination and deodorization
  • If necessary, relocation of property contents to a facility where they can be professionally restored

3. Coordinate with Your Insurance

Look for an emergency restoration company that communicates efficiently and effectively with your insurance adjuster and/or agent. Insurance claims can be a hassle, yet they are vital to disaster insurance coverage. Find a company that will coordinate with your efforts so you can file your claim accurately and promptly. This includes providing you with detailed documentation of the problems and solutions required to get your property back to normal.

4. Digital File Storage and Project Updates

Look for a company that can save photos digitally and record the progress of you job online. This keeps you informed through the cleanup and reconstruction process so you stay in control of the restoration of your business’ property.

5. Equipment

Look for a reputable company with the up-to-date equipment needed to provide you with disaster remediation and reconstruction with excellence.

6. Safe and reliable

Hire a company who follows safety regulations during emergency restoration, and swiftly performs the services you need to get back to work.

7. Experience & Expertise

Find a company with multiple years of experience in restoring businesses after disaster strikes. They should have certifications such as from the IICRC to assure you they can scale up and know how to handle even the worst disaster scenarios.

8. Priority service

Look for a company that will give your commercial property priority service.

9. Costs

Look for a company who can keep costs of restoration fair, with a quick response and an established plan for restoration.

Water Damage in your Commercial Space? Contact the professionals here at SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County. 502.241.6861

How to Choose a Restoration Company for Bio Hazard Cleanup

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

A crime or traumatic event is one of the hardest things to imagine ever happening to you or someone you know. So, when something tragic does happen, it’s an emotionally and mentally draining experience. And if the event has occurred in your commercial property, that’s even more challenging because of the cleanup involved in restoring your property back to normal and ensuring it is safe and sanitary for use again.

Whether you’re facing such an event now that has you stressed, or just considering ways to prepare yourself ahead of time for the challenges of being a property owner, there is no time like the present to learn what’s involved in the cleanup of your business should a crime or trauma occur there. These facts can help you be prepared for the worst and be knowledgeable about how to choose a reputable, compassionate crime scene and trauma cleanup-company so you can make the right decisions for your property and get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Is the company certified for crime scene and trauma cleanup?

Unlike the more common cleanup problems that a property can face, cleaning up after a crime or other trauma has occurred involves a very specific, regulated approach. For example, blood and other biohazard contaminants can pose a serious health risk if not removed and discarded of properly. And there may be other hazards in need of removal, all of which may be regulated by local, state, and federal laws to ensure public safety.

Because this type of property restoration is so specialized and demanding, it’s important to select a crime scene and trauma cleanup company that is appropriately certified by the appropriate municipal authorities. A reputable company will be able to provide you with evidence of current certification and assurances of how they remove and discard materials that may be a health hazard.

Is the company well trained, experienced, and properly equipped?

Restoring property after damage due to a crime or trauma often requires the use of specialized equipment and cleaning materials that aren’t necessarily available at your nearest store. A professional crime scene and trauma cleanup company will have everything they need to do the job right. This includes special cleaning agents to handle hard-to-remove stains, as well as ridding the residue that may be left behind from products such as fingerprint powder, evidence-gathering chemicals, pepper spray, and tear gas.

At SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County, our professional technicians have years of combined experience and training in the use of state-of-the-art equipment to help ensure that your property is properly, thoroughly cleaned so you can rest assured in a job well done.

Does the company assist you with documentation for financial assistance and file insurance claims?

You might not realize it, but property insurance policies often offer coverage for a variety of emergency cleanup scenarios, including crime and trauma-related events. And many municipalities and government agencies offer financial assistance and victim relief funds for disaster cleanup because it’s a public health issue. This can include not just floods and other natural disasters, but crime, suicide, and violence related issues as well.

A good crime scene and trauma cleanup company can help point you in the right direction as you locate the various types of financial assistance that may be available to you in your situation. And they should be willing and able to promptly provide you with any documentation you need to file financial assistance, insurance claims, and related paperwork.

Need Help Fast?

When you’re facing an emergency such as a crime or trauma on your property, you need swift assistance in getting things cleaned up and back to normal quickly, so you can go about your life and business again with peace of mind. The professional, experienced, caring team at SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County is here to assist you in doing just that.

Contact us today. 502.241.6861