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Contractor Connections Convention In Dallas, Texas

On June 17th- 20th Crawford Contractor Connections hosted their annual Convention at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas, Texas. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County received the Golden Hammer Award for being a Top 10 performer of Water Mitigation Services. We are looking forward to next years Convention which will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Business Leaders of Oldham County-Kentucky Speedway

Thanks to the Kentucky Speedway for hosting the Business Leaders of Oldham County Meeting. After the meeting they allowed us to drive on the race track. What an awesome experience!

Water Damaged Basement in Crestwood

Pictured is a flooded basement as a result of ground water intrusion. The entire area was plagued with storms resulting in 3 inches of water. The homeowner contacted us to remove the water from the space. The carpets saturated in 3 rooms. The main room pictured was extracted as much as possible. We then began drying by pulling the carpet up (floating) and placing air movers below to dry it the rest of the way. All three rooms were treated with an Anti Microbial Agent. Our crews set up dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air as well. The project was finished in three days. 

Water Damage In Shelbyville

This particular damage was a result of a washing machine overflow in a Shelbyville, Kentucky home. The damage occurred from upstairs and flowed down the stairs and leaked through the flooring. Our crews began the project by mitigation the water upstairs. Secondly, the basement was extracted. Our techs then sprayed the upstairs and basement with an Anti Microbial to rid the space of germs from the damage. In addition dehumidifiers where placed in both areas to remove moisture from both. Finally, fans were placed to dry the space. Our crews monitored the home during the drying process until the project was complete. The home owner was relieved that the damage was handled returning their home to it's original state. 

Water Damage In Louisville, Kentucky Home

This particular damage occurred as a result of a dishwasher leak that seeped into the room behind the kitchen. Our crew arrived and began assessing the damage. The carpet was saturated completely. Our techs extracted the water from the carpet to begin the process. Once the water was removed the techs raised the carpet implementing a technique entitled "floating". After it was raised fans were place under to create airflow. This would ensure that the carpet would dry quickly thus saving the homeowner from having to replace it. The entire area including the kitchen was treated with an anti microbial to clean the space. 

Water Damage In Shelbyville, Kentucky

Management of a Trucking Company contacted SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County after finding water damage in their main office. A toilet from the adjacent bathroom had overflowed a considerable amount before management arrived. Our crews began the cleanup process by removing the water in the bathroom and treating with anti microbial. Following this process our techs removed baseboards and affected drywall in the office. The water was extracted from the carpets in the main area. The entire area was treated with anti microbial. Our techs finished the process by setting dehumidifiers and fans to dry the space. The owner was relieved that our crews arrived quickly and completed the process in a timely manner. 

Restaurant Flooding In LaGrange, Kentucky

Water Damage can strike at anytime. This particular damage happened at 5am. The owner called SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby to explain that a pipe had burst and the dining area was submerged in water. Our crew arrived onsite shortly after the plumber left. The process began with our techs cleaning up the water on the tile portion of the floor. Next we started the extraction process in the dining room to remove water from the carpet. Once this was completed our crew sanitized the entire area with a SERVPRO anti microbial product. The final portion of the damage was concluded by setting dehumidifiers and fans. The area was dry and ready to reopen on the following evening. 

Kitchen Fire In Shelbyville

This particular fire was a result of grease. The home owner contacted SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby to Mitigate and clean the home. Our crews began the process by inventorying and removing the soot covered items for cleaning. Next our techs used a chem sponge to wipe all surfaces clean. A SERVPRO cleaning product was used to thoroughly clean the remaining items. Once that portion was concluded our contractors began rebuilding the kitchen with replacing portions of the drywall. Then the walls were painted along with cabinets being hung. The cleaned contents were then moved back into the home. The customer was beyond pleased with the results. 

Commercial Mold In LaGrange

A customer contacted us in regards to Mold in a newly purchased property. After an employee noticed mold in various places the owner decided to take action. Our crews began the containment process promptly. Following our team started the demolition work in the bathroom. Pictured are spores growing on a portion of the ceiling which was removed as well. Next our crews remediated the mold using an APA registered product. Prior to construction Airscrubbers were brought and placed to purify the air. Once this portion was complete the construction was scheduled. At the projects end the customer was extremely happy with the final result. 

Shelby County Showcase

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County attended the Shelby County Showcase presented by The Shelby County Chamber. Our Marketing Representatives has a wonderful time meeting and greeting the Shelbyville Community. Pictured is our Estimator- Nathan Reiter with Shelbyville's 101.7 Disc Jockey. Thanks to all participants and The Shelby County chamber for hosting! 

CE Class at Jeptha Creed

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County hosted our semi annual CE class at Jeptha Creed. We couldn't have asked for a better host! A tour of the distillery was provided at the end of the day for our Insurance Agents and Adjusters.  Pictured with our Sales/Marketing Representative is Barbara Costello from Kentucky Farm Bureau in Trimble County. Thanks to all that attended! 

Electrical Fire In Louisville

This particular fire occurred as a result of faulty wiring within the home. Over half of the structure was damaged including most of the contents as well. Our crews began the restoration process by securing the property. The items that could be salvaged were removed for cleaning. Our team then began chem sponging the structure to remove soot. The heavily affected areas of drywall and insulation were removed and replaced. Once the project was complete the cleaned contents were moved back into the home. The customer was beyond grateful for our crews hard work to return the home to it's original state.  

Mold Growth In Prospect, Kentucky

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby was contacted by a home owner in Prospect to Mitigate Mold. Pictured is spores growing on the hardwood floor and the wall adjacent. Our crews began the mitigation process by putting the containment in place. The flooring was removed in the dining room. Following this the drywall was taken down to the studs. At which point our crews began the process of cleaning the spores with an Anti Microbial agent. Finally, the drywall and flooring was replaced to restore the home to it's original state. 

Grease Fire In Shelbyville, Kentucky

This is the result of a grease fire in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Pictured is the refrigerator with significant smoke damage. The fire also affected the stove and range hood. Our crews worked diligently to restore the kitchen back to it's original state. The home owners were more than pleased with the end result.  

Shelbyville Rental Home With Mold

A rental home sat vacant for more than 3 months. The property owner discovered Mold growing throughout the house and contacted SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby. This particular loss was a result of a roof leak. Pictured is the bathroom with mold growing on the ceiling and walls. 

Heavy Rains In Cresttwood

This damage is a result of heavy rains that produced flooding in Crestwood. The home owner woke up to water throughout their basement. A sump pump failure was the cause of this loss. Our crews removed the affected carpet and pad and began the drying process promptly. 

Storm Loss In Shelbyville

We were contacted by a homeowner with water damage in their basement due to heavy rains. The sump pump was unable to keep up with the water coming into the home. Our crews arrived in a timely manner and began mitigation services. Pictured is the carpet that has been floated with our fans drying the space. 

Water Loss at Main Library

This particular loss was a result of a Sprinkler System that froze and burst. It flooded the main area in the library as well as several activity rooms. Our crews were onsite promptly to extract the water and begin the drying process. The library reopened the next day. 

Water Damage In Bedford, Ky.

This particular Water Loss occurred as a result of a sump pump failure. The customer was on vacation for 3 days and found their house to be flooded. Our crews arrived within 2 hours of the phone call. The wet carpet was removed and water extracted. Our drying equipment was set and monitored. 

Grease Fire In Buckner, Kentucky

This is the end result of grease fire that started in the kitchen. There was significant smoke covering the appliances and walls. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby started the restoration process the next day. The owner was very relieved to be back in the home in such a short time. 

Storm Causes Foundation Leak

This particular home had a foundation leak that resulted in Water Damage. During a heavy rainstorm Ground water breached the back door and left damage to the kitchen and living room. 

Sump Pump Failure Due To Storm

Extracting water after a storm loss quickly is key to preventing mold. Our guys were onsite to this customer's home within the hour. The water was removed along with the carpet and pad. Our equipment was set to begin the drying process.   

Storm Loss-Basement

A basement flooded with 2 inches of water during a heavy rainstorm. Pictured is the damaged area. Our crews removed the wet carpet and pad along with the baseboards. Dehumidifiers and fans were placed to begin the drying process. 

Storm Loss- Crawl Space

This is the aftermath of a horrific storm. Pictured is a crawlspace submersed in water. A trash pump was used to extract the water. The customer was extremely happy with the end result. 

Leaky Window Sill leads to Mold

A LaGrange resident went on vacation and returned home to find mold. Due to poor construction a window sill leaked causing condensation and eventually mold. Pictured is a wall in the family room. Our crews arrived onsite and worked diligently to begin the remediation process. The home owners were very pleased with the results. An environmentalist tested the affected areas and found the results negative for mold.

Pipe Burst In Waiting Room

A frozen pipe burst causing extensive damage to a physician's office in Shelbyville. As seen in the picture most of the waiting room carpet was saturated.The physician was reassured with SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County arriving in such a timely manner. The practice was open for business shortly after. 

Water Damage on Tongue and Groove Flooring

This particular damage took place overnight. A supply line from the refrigerator leaked onto hardwood. Pictured is our floor drying system in place removing moisture from tongue and groove flooring. 

Sewer Backup-Residential

This was the result of a Sewer backup that overflowed the toilet and bathtub. The damage occurred in the downstairs bathroom and continued into the common area. Our crews extracted water and dried the structure within 3 days. 

Mold In Residential Facility

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County received a call from a property owner in Eminence with confirmed mold. Pictured is growth on the fridge. Parts of the structure in the kitchen were affected as well. Our crews completed the remediation process. As a result the home tested negative for mold. 

Local Restaurant - Water Damage

A local restaurant contact SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby with a busted pipe in their facility. Pictured is a portion of the damaged dining room. Our crews arrived and removed the affected carpet and pad. Our dehumidifiers and fans were set to begin the drying process. The Mitigation was complete in 3 days. 

Sump Pump Failure In Taylorsville

During the second day of a heavy rainstorm we were contacted by a Home Owner with Sump Pump Failure. Pictured is the basement floor prior to Mitigation. The water was extracted in 4 hours. The drying equipment was set and removed in 3 days. 

Mold In A Rental Home

A local property owner contacted us with confirmed mold in a rental home. Pictured is mold growing on a wall in a pantry. Our crews were onsite the very next day. We cleaned the affected areas removing the mold completely. Our customer was relieved to have a mold free home. 

Pleasureville Fire

A local church contacted SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby County to restore their sanctuary and common area. The fire was a result of a faulty lamp. Pictured is the tear in the ceiling from fighting the fire. We repaired the structure and cleaned the structure. The pastor was excited to have his congregation back in church within 3 weeks. 

Living Room Fire In Louisville

This fire was a result of an incense burner in a on a living room table. Pictured is the charred wall in the corner of the room. The fire was contained to this area. However, there was extensive smoke damage throughout the home. 

Residential Fire In Louisville

This particular Fire was caused by a candle. There was extensive damage throughout the house as a result. Pictured here is the dining room window and wall. The water was mitigated along with extinguisher dust cleaned. Our customer moved back into their home before their holiday started. They were so appreciative of the expedited process. 

Fire Smoke Loss In Apartment Building

Smoke loss can be just as great as Fire. In the picture you will notice the heavy soot on the light fixture and ceiling. Our crews responded an hour after contact and began cleaning the structure and restoring from the Fire itself. 

Meeting of The Minds

Pictured is our Management Team coordinating a large loss. Behind the scenes they are hard at work to ensure that every damage is handled with excellence. Time is of the essence. Our ultimate goal is to restore your commercial business as quickly as possible. 

High Rise Water Damage

This picture is of a storage room with water pouring from the ceiling. A pipe on the 29th floor burst and caused damage throughout the facility. Our crews were onsite within the hour. The Mitigation was completed in 3 hours, from start to finish. 

Water Damage at Assisted Living Facility

A local Assisted Living Facility contacted us with a Water Damage in their basement. This was a result of Sump Pump Failure that occurred during a heavy rain. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby was onsite within the hour. Our crews began the Mitigation process and finished the extraction with 4 hours. 

Mold Cleanup

A customer contacted us with Mold growing in a crawl space. The preferred method for removing mold from wooden floor joists is Dry Ice Blasting. The picture shows the equipment used to Remediate. 

Mold Remediation Using The Dry Ice Method

An individual in Louisville contacted us with confirmed Mold Growth in her attic. The customer was especially concerned that the process would take months to complete. Our crews were onsite within a day to put a Remediation plan into place. The best way to quickly and efficiently removing mold is by using the Dry Ice Method. This is a preferred technique to clean mold spores from wood. This also allows for easy entry into tight spaces otherwise impossible to reach. The customer was astounded at the difference in the appearance of the treated area as well as the odor being eliminated from the area. 

Water Damage And Document Restoration

This was the damaged files that followed a pipe break in the storage area of a Oldham/County Clinic. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby responded swiftly to start the drying process. The wet files were sent to our Document Restoration Vendor to save. The customer was extremely grateful for SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby handling the process from start to finish. 

Commercial Water Damage

In the beginning of May the surrounding areas of Oldham/Shelby Counties experienced heavy downpours. A local business contacted us with a sewage/water damaged office and basement. SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby was onsite within an hour to start the Mitigation. The business owner was grateful for the expedited process that allowed them to continue their normal operations the following day. Our Certificate of Satisfaction was signed by the owner, with the comment "These guys were great to work with and did a bang up job !"

Habitat For Humanity Golf Outing

Habitat for Humanity

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby was happy to participate in The Shelby County Habitat for Humanity Golf Scramble. It was truly a beautiful day. We are very honored to participate in such a wonderful cause. Thanks to all Participated!!! 

Congratulations on 10 Years With Us!!

Today is Linda Armstrong's 10th year anniversary with us at SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby. We want to say thanks for all your years of hard work and dedication to our team!! 


Through the Eyes of A Child

This is Mason's idea of what SERVPRO is. When Mason visits the warehouse he loves to look at all the
"Big Trucks." He drew our guys in action! Way to go Future Crew Chief !! 

The Future of SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby was happy to give Mason Newnes exactly what he wanted for his birthday ! His favorite part about visiting our warehouse is looking at all the different vehicles. It was by far his favorite gift !! 

Kentucky Farm Bureau Trade Show

It was SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby Counties,as well as all the other Kentucky SERVPRO Franchises, pleasure to sponsor the golf outing for the Kentucky Farm Bureau agents during their recent convention. A fun filled day was had by all participants. 

Habitat for Humanity

SERVPRO of Oldham/Shelby was happy to participate in The Shelby County Habitat for Humanity Golf Scramble. It was truly a beautiful day. We are very honored to participate in such a wonderful cause. Thanks to all Participated!!!